Tuesday, March 18, 2008

W.I.L.T.S. Apron Fabric Has Arrived!

I am sooo excited.

The fabric for my aprons has arrived.Isn't it GORGEOUS!? Now, I'm not sure what I'm going to DO with these aprons AFTER I make them but I love the fabric and am excited about getting started!

Oh, WILTS is a quote from my bloggy buddy's site. It is an acronym for What I'd Like To Start. :)

Check this out. All the fabrics are for the aprons EXCEPT the one on the very left side. That lovely, satiny PINK fabric is for a yummy soothing lavender eye pillow. Ooooohhhhhh I bet that is going to feel divine.

Happy Crafting,
PS. I purchased almost all of my fabric (and the pattern) from a really helpful gal named Melanie. You can check out her shop here.


Anonymous said...

I recognize some of that fabric from Michael Miller. Like DumbDots and of course Carnival Bloom! Are the rest Michael Miller--Ilove their fabric alot....

Glad you like the WILTS. You are the 2nd one to mention it and link me on their blog. I feel very honored.

PattyAnne said...

Hi Peggyann,

Yep, you are right!! It is (well lots of it is) Michael Miller... a few pieces are WalMart. ;)
I loved the photo of you and your hub. Congrats on the anniversary!