Sunday, March 9, 2008

I started my knitting lessons...

from the kids' book I spoke about yesterday.

Here I've cast on 6 stitches. So far, so good!

This next photo shows my finished bookmark. Boy it sure is crooked. I noticed halfway through the making of this that I had gained an extra stitch. How in the world did I do that??? And how in the world do I get RID of it?? :)

OK, so here's my question....should I make another bookmark or just dive right into making a dishrag??

You know, I sure wish there was someone here who could help me learn how to take out a row of stitches if when I mess up. I've tried but I've had to just rip out the whole darn thing because I don't know how to stick my knitting needle back into the yarn.

Until Next Time -- Happy Knitting!

PS. HELP needed from any knitters out there. Do you hold your yarn the way this lady does in this video? The book that I have says to hold the yarn in your right hand not your left.


meshell said...

The bookmark looks great! Don't worry about it being crooked. Everyone's first effort looks that way. ;)

I hold my yarn in my right hand because I'm a righty. But if you can master holding it in your left like the video (continental style), it's faster.

craftymom said...

Not to worry about the bookmark. I think for a first try you did a great job. As you knit along it will become easier. I personally hold my yarn in my right hand or the English method. Which ever method you choose, it's a personal choice. I was shone this method years ago and the book that I used for a re-fresher did the same. I would be happy to help you as much as possible. Please let me know what I can do. Good luck on your knitting, I absolutely love it and I know in a few weeks, you will be knitting circles around us all.
Craftymom :)