Monday, March 17, 2008

Atlanta Tornadoes

Last weekend I was in Atlanta for some Precept Bible Study training. Little did any of us know when we left on Thursday that we would be huddled together in a 'safe' area of a church waiting out the storms. At one point we were told 3 tornadoes were headed toward us. After that threat passed, we went back to our classrooms only to be told to come, once again, to the 'safe' area of the church because a line of 5 tornadoes were headed directly toward us again. They were on I20 and headed straight toward us. Well, thank God that we were not hit by the tornadoes.

All in all the weekend was wonderful. The church that hosted the training was fabulous. Talk about people who have servant hearts. These folks certainly did!!

At the training, Debbie and I took classes on Biblical Prayer (Friday) and Advanced Leadership Training (Saturday). The thing that stuck both of us the most in the Biblical Prayer training class was the awareness of how we sometimes always end up with 'laundry lists' of prayer requests when what we really need to ask for in our prayers is knowledge, wisdom and understanding. One of the verses that we looked at in class was Colossians 1:9-12.

I am praying this for my children......

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PS. Thanks colourdujour for asking about me. :)

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Anonymous said...

precepts is an amazing way to study the bible, altho I can get overwhelmed (well, that was Romans)
I haven't done any for awhile.

when you visit my blog again, check out my link to Moms in Touch.

Another amazing way to pray for our children (& schools) I've been the same group going on 18 years!
ps glad you are safe and sound from the tornados!