Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Clemes and Clemes, Veggies and Knitting

Soooo sad... I got a new (to me) Clemes and Clemes Traditional Spinning wheel yesterday. It was shipped via Postal Service. Luckily the shipper had insurance on the package because, here's what the flyer came looking like:

I've filled out the claim form for the Post Office. Wonder how long this will take???!

On a happier note, look what's for lunch today....
Yep, some more veggies from MY first EVER garden... can you believe it? The stuff is actually growing! I am not having a whole lotta luck with my peppers yet though. **Crosses fingers **

On the knitting front, I have been knitting some of my handspun using this pattern (from video I found on YouTube). I am not sure I'm gonna like it though.. .it is soooo loose. The directions say to knit two rows in between the YO rows. I have been knitting SIX to try to give the scarf a bit more substance.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm eating high on the hog today! ;)

Yep, it's true. Today I picked my first EVER vegetable that I grew MYSELF! It is a Japanese eggplant and it is YUMMY!!

I'm pretty pumped up LOL.

For those of you who have not read my blog for any length of time, I am a 'city-slicker' wannabee farmer. In the spring I posted a picture of my garden (yep, small 4' x 4' garden) and dontchaknow, someone in MAINE (I'm in SC) kindly said.. um.. PattyAnne, I think you may have your tomato cages on upside-down. Talk about feeling D.U.M.B.

Well, i corrected the dang cages and the tomatoes are doing well (none quite ready yet though). BUT, this little eggplant was ripe for pickin! Wish I had taken a picture of him BEFORE I sliced him up and threw him in the WOK.

Oh well... with out further adieu, here 'he' is!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Double Dip by Three Bags Full

Last week I purchased some roving from TheBellWether. The GORGEOUS roving blend is a merino cross wool with hand-dyed tencel and hand-dyed silk noil. It is sooo smooth and soft and spins like a dream.

I'm spinning it on my Golding Tsunami. I was going to tell you the wraps per inch BUT LibbyLou (my pooch) gnawed on my wooden WPI tool and I don't see a ruler or yardstick nearby. (If I spot one later I may update this post.)

Here are two shots of the roving and some spun yarn inside of a bowl-type thingy that I knitted and felted last week.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Here's What's for Dinner?

I dyed up some silk waste and some mohair today in my flea market crockpot. YUM.

The Cushing's Perfection Dyes colors used were Buttercup Yellow, Turquoise and Jade Green.

Gonna add this 'stuff' to some batts (not necessarily together LOL).

Tomorrow will be a FUN day of dyeing at my LYS -- can't wait!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Targhee Top

I got some really pretty 100% Targhee Top from my local yarn store - colorway = Northern Lights.

Here's a little info on Targhee from, 'In Sheep's Clothing' by Nola Fournier and Jane Fournier.

The Targhee was developed by the US Department of Agriculture as a dual purpose sheep adapted tot he dry western range lands.

The foundation of the breed was a cross of Rambouilett rams and Corriedale x Lincoln/Rambouillet ewes.

The fleece is fine and dense with very good loft, indistinct but well-developed crimp and short staple length. The staples are blocky in shape with almost no luster.

The extraordinary loft and elasticity of Targhee make it particularly suitable for fine, light, knitted and woven fabrics with good shape retention and crease resistance. In blends with other short fibers, Targhee adds loft and elasticity.

Staple length: 3 - 4 1/2 inches

Sunday, July 12, 2009

LOTS of Spinning!

I got some gorgeous Dorset roving the other day from Kris' Etsy shop (stseraphinaknits).
The roving is called, PAINTED DESERT. I absolutely LOVE the colors!!!

I've also ordered some fiber from TheBellwether. I hope it comes tomorrow!

Anyhooo, I have had a ball spinning the roving (see below). Can't wait to knit it up into a bag for my new camera!! (Oh, I'm gonna knit it and then felt it!) Stay tuned. Since it's knit night tomorrow night at StarBucks I'll probably get started on it then!

Ain't it purty!? (The spun wool is still drying. I wish the colors showed up better online!)

McMorran Balance DVD Kits have shipped

The first several McMorran Balance Kits have been sent out!

I have had a few people ask what is included in the kit.

The kit includes the following:

McMorran Balance
Instructional DVD on using the balance (and using a Skein Winder and Niddy Noddy)
A small card with some helpful fraction info in case you've forgotten your fractions!:)
A flyer with complete instructions including a helpful worksheet to figure out yards per pound) and yards per ounce. (Below is a small sample of the flyer. You can click on it to see a larger version.)

Monday, July 6, 2009

McMorran Balance Instructions

Here is a preview that shows how to use the McMorran Balance. (Please note that this is NOT a clip from the DVD.)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

DVD Instructional Video - Using a McMorran Balance

Ok, I gotta tell ya... I LOVE this tool and I betcha all of you spinners/weavers/knitters/crocheters out there will too!!


Have you ever been spinning yarn on either a spindle or a spinning wheel and wondered how much yarn you had spun OR if you had spun enough for a particular pattern or project?

Well, you could wind your yarn off the spindle or bobbin onto a niddy-noddy or skein winder BUT you could also use a McMorran Balance!! If you use a McMorran Balance you would know immediately (well, almost!) how many yards you'd spun without winding off! You would know if you needed to keep spinning because you didn't have enough yarn by simply measuring a length of yarn on the McMorran balance!


Do you have leftover balls of yarn and wonder if there is enough in the ball for a certain project? The McMorran Balance helps you know this info in a skinny minute!

Have you seen a pattern on Ravelry that you have the 'perfect' yarn for but aren't sure you have enough yarn on the label-less ball of wool? Use the McMorran Balance! :)


This DVD shows (and leads you through) a hands-on lesson measuring yarn yardage using the McMorran balance.
The DVD also shows how to use a niddy-noddy and a skein winder.

McMorran Balance Kit includes:
A McMorran Balance
Yarn samples to use as you watch the DVD
A handy card with printed directions

Check out my ETSY store for more info!