Monday, March 24, 2008

Not an apron but still COOL

I found a cool pattern online for making a knitting needle roll-up. I WAS going to use my stash of Michael Miller fabric to make the craft aprons I spoke about earlier BUT, I found I had a real NEED for a needle holder. :) Now I must tell you that I don't have many knitting needles (since I am a newbie knitter) but, the ones I do have were driving me nuts (actually I was afraid that I was going to lose one!). Let's see... to give you a better idea of my knitting supplies ....I have 2 pairs of straight needles (do you call them pairs??) and two circular needles. Hey, I can hear you chuckling!! You mean you have more? What's your count??


Anonymous said...

very cool! I hear you had a birthday. Happy Day to you!

appliejuice said...

That is pretty. I bought one for my daughter for her crochet hooks. The hooks kept falling out the top and she kept taking my hooks. I have lost several of my favorite. :(

I like your pouch better than the one on the pattern. :D