Saturday, April 26, 2008

More Photos of Dyed BlueFaced Leicester

Yahooooo... I think this turned out really pretty.
Now, I have to figure out, though, why all the colors ran together making the wool basically orange with a hint of yellow. I wonder if I'm making my stripes too thin (narrow) or if I'm adding too much liquid dye solution???
This, will be yet another experiment. OMG, I can imagine myself coming up with my hypothesis etc. etc. (I am a former science teacher.)

Ok, here are the picts:



Lisa said...

Hey there! Hope your having a great visit!

If you want more of a striped look to the roving, leave a little white between your colors. What happens is much like a sponge absorbing liquid the wool will as well then it will blend the colors. If you leave a little space between you should end up with a stripe of color a mixed area and another stripe. Also when rolling if you roll the long way making a big snake it will keep the colors on top of each other more instead of mixing them.
Have a great day!

Lisa said...

By the way I love the Orange with little bits of yellow. Very nice!

PattyAnne said...

Great idea Lisa! I will leave some white AND roll it snake-wise!

Have fun at the knitting meet tonight. I will miss being there!

Anonymous said...

colour du jour thinks it is beautiful just like it turned out!

Patty Ann said...

Hi.I'm the other Patty Ann.
It was a great suprise to get your comment. I checked your blog and "Wow" another thing in common. Orange, Orange. It's my favorite color. I also spin too, although I haven't in quite a while. I have three wheels: a Country Craftsman flax wheel, a Louet S10 and a Ashord Joy, single treadle. I just might get one of those wheels out and get busy.