Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Here's what I bought....

First, I bought a cool little felting kit. I think felting is soo cool and it looks so easy that I thought I'd give it a try.
Using the kit will allow me to needle felt about 4 Christmas ornaments. I may not make all the ornaments. I may try my hand at sculpting as shown here.

I also bought a bag of alpaca roving. I had envisioned dh making me a drop spindle out of CDs as shown here. I think he's still going to make me a drop spindle but....

I also bought THIS!! I don't have it yet.I can't WAIT until it gets here!. What fun!!

OH, a friend of mine at my knitting group) has a spinning wheel. I tried my hand at spinning the other evening. My first attempt was really, REALLY lumpy (don't laugh) but I'm sure I'll improve with practice! This Sunday I'm going to a spinning/weaving/fiber arts meeting.
Yeah!! Hopefully I'll get some tips on spinning and I'll be ready to start when my wheel arrives!

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