Sunday, April 13, 2008

Alpaca Farm Spin-in

Today, Sunday, I'm headed to a local alpaca farm with my Monday night knitting group. We're going to meet up with the Sunday afternoon alpaca group and spin. Well, actually, some of the ladies (I've heard that one guy goes) will be spinning (both wheel and drop spindle) and some will be knitting. I'm REALLY looking forward to this. I can just imagine the peaceful whirring of the wheels and clicking of the needles. Ahhhhh....

I hope Lisa (the gal I met at B & N a few weeks ago) will be able to bring her spinning wheel because she said she'd give me a few more spinning lessons. Yippee!! Just in time!! I THINK my Ashford Traditional Wheel will be arriving this week! I sure hope it gets here before Friday because that's when my friend Robbie and I are headed out for a kayaking/photography weekend in the lower part of SC and I would HATE to wait until AFTER the weekend to try out my new wheel!

Well, here's what I'm taking to work on today at the farm. This dishcloth pattern is from the May issue of Creative Knitting. This is actually the second dishcloth I've made from the pattern. (The first one didn't turn out so well. I didn't have the right size needles so I thought I'd just make do with some needles that were two sizes larger than the needles called for in the pattern. YUCKO. The embossed flower was lost in the large stitches!)
Ok, lesson learned.
Before I started this pink dishcloth, I made a run to the store and bought the correct size needles.What a difference. :)


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