Friday, February 29, 2008

I found it!! The perfect fabric for my craft apron! Oh, and guess what???

It has PINK in it!!

I found some gorgeous cloth today and I'm going to use it to make a crafting apron. Yep, you heard right - a crafting apron not a cooking apron.

The apron will be of this style. (See the crafty scissors in the pocket?!)
I got the free pattern for this apron at this really great site!

And, I will be using the fabric below for the apron's 'base'. I have yet to choose the other colors and/or patterns for the pockets, waistband and ties. Any suggestions?
Don't you think this fabric is just 'fun'?!

Can't wait to get started.... I'll let ya know how it goes - maybe I'll even model the finished apron! Scary! ;)



DK said...

I LOVE this fabric - gotta model it! Happy Weekend :)

Bari said...

Hi there. I see you have my apron on here. I'd love it if you'd mention where you got the photo. Thanks,

peggyann said...

Hi PattyAnne, I'm peggyann and I see you have Michael Miller Carnival Bloom. My daughter (freshman in college) just loves it
She had a skirt, pillowcase and now I'm making a quilt. come over to my blog/party. Carnival Bloom is under the title Its sewing time.