Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A & E Play Ball

Both of my nephews are basketball players! I haven't seen them play (they live over 8 hours away from me) BUT, my bro-in-law sent me a few pictures of them in action. :)

I've been learning a new digital scrapping technique from and thought I'd use my nephew's photos as my subjects. Sooo cool. Sports pictures look really great 'exploding' out of the picture frames!!

Here are my nephews!! Oh, I deleted their last names - they are TEENAGE boys who probably wouldn't like their aunt plastering their full names on the net! ;o)

Woohoooo, I just thought of something. My son has taken some really cool duck and goose/geese pictures. I bet they'll look really funny waddling outta their picture frames!

Until next time,

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freda said...

Those pictures look great! :)
However, I don't see a pic of Eve! Where is it?

your lil' (LOL) sis