Sunday, February 3, 2008

4 x 6 Notecard Books

Another sunny Sunday... a sunny Super Bowl Sunday.

I don't really have a favorite Super Bowl team this year so I guess I'll just pick who I want to win by their "outfits". When in doubt, this is ALWAYS a good way to choose your team LOL. Ask my dh, that's what I do!! ;)

Yesterday was a busy scrapping day for me. I came across directions for making a simple book using 4 x 6 inch lined cards and thought, "Hey, these books would make fun gifts for my Bible study buddies". See, when we do our Precept Bible study we are supposed to mark various key words in our Bibles AND keep track of how we mark them so we can be consistent throughout our Bible marking.

For example, when we mark love, we put a red heart on the word. Not too tough, right? But what about if you also have to mark faith, trust, prayer, gospel etc. etc. etc? How do you keep track of all those markings?? Well, that's where my little 4 x 6 card books will come in handy. We can keep track of the way we mark these 'key words' in our booklet and just refer to them as needed!

So, are you wondering what the books look like? I think they turned out really cute! I used the Bind-It-All to bind the books and, oh, hey, can you see the stitching on each cover? I got out my sewing machine to add the stitching! I love them. I hope my buddies do too!

Ok, I'll be right back. I have to go take the photo! ;)

I'm back. Here they are!

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freda said...

Hey i want one of those books! They are cute!
your lil' sister