Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wooohoooo! When I awoke this morning I checked my email and happily discovered that my new tape-ish gun had been shipped and was due to arrive on my doorstep later TODAY!
Ain't life grand. :)

Oh, I returned the faulty tool (GlueGlide Max) to my LSS today and Carmen and Dana (owners of store) were great. They were all set to give me my money back - no questions asked (I wonder if they've had other guns returned?) but I told them I wanted to do a little shopping first.

Well, like I said, I returned the gun BUT I bought a TON of cardstock in its place. Oh, I bought lots and lots of luscious colors. Ewww... I don't usually call cardstock luscious but, hey, I'm trying to use some new adjectives here LOL. Soooo, luscious they are!

Ok, back to my shopping - I also bought some great chipboard letters and embellishments. Carmen showed me how much fun it is to cover these teensy, weensy chipboard shapes with pretty paper.

Here are the steps:
1. First you cover the itty bitty chipboard letters with glue or double stick tape.
2. Then you lay the paper on top of the glue-covered the chipboard letters
3. THEN you cut around the whole mess with an exacto knife
4. Then you sand the edges of the paper covered chipboard and
5. THEN you ink the edges.

Sound fun?? Well, the way Carmen described it made it sound like it was soooo much fun! When she showed me a couple of sample letters. I was drooling. I want letters like those on MY scrapbook layouts!! You know what? I not only bought all the chipboard letters and the paper to cover them but I also bought the six-pack (I think) file tool set. You gotta have a file tool set to file your letters (Carmen told me).

Well, tonight when I'm watching American Idol I think I'll have a go at my chipboard pieces.

Yesterday and today I made digital scrapbook layouts for the online LOAD challenge at bigpicturescrapbooking.com.
Have a look:

Guess that's about it for now. I've got a log burning in the fireplace and I'm kicked back in my recliner waiting for the doorbell to ring signaling the arrival of my new glue-ish gun. Dinner should be on the way - takeout from a Japanese Steak House

UPDATE: It is 6:15 and my tape gun delivery has not arrived yet! :( I hope it comes soon!

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