Sunday, January 20, 2008

Oh my goodness....this product STINKS!

Soooo, yesterday I went to my local scrapbook store and bought the GlueGlider Max. It worked really well.... for the first few minutes and THEN..... things started to go wrong.

It seems the take-up roll wasn't "taking up" properly. Look at the mess I made trying to fix the darn thing. I REALLY wanted it to work!! (That pile of 'stuff' is glue.)

Sadly, my GlueGlider Max will be going back to my local store on Monday. You know, I shoulda 'listened' to the complaints that I read about this product on forum!!

Well, on a happy note, I did order the 'correct' gun yesterday sooooo I'll be a happy scrapper again soon. :)

Ok. As promised, here's my first attempt at the book demo'd on The Scrapbook Lounge. I am happy with the overall look of the book but next time I'll get the right kind of thread for the binding. I was supposed to use waxed linen but since I didn't have that kind of thread lying/laying around the house (darn, I am NEVER sure which of those two words to use ...laying/lying...) anyway, I didn't have linen thread in my sewing kit so I decided to use some leftover hemp twine. It worked 'ok' but linen would have been much better I think.

Oh, let me know what you think of the book but shhhhhh..... don't tell Phyllis about it LOL. I'm going to give it to her. :) I think she'll enjoy adding her mini photos to the pages.

Have a grand Sunday!!

PS. I cooked yesterday. I don't REALLY like to cook - I would much rather go out to eat but every now and then the cooking bug hits me. The dish was so TASTY! I'll be sure to include the recipe in my next post! I'll warn you though, it is NOT a low cal dish but it is oh so yummy!!

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