Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Well, it was another Wednesday morning at the gym. Ginny (my once a week trainer) worked me really hard - I mean HARD. Could it have been because I was about 10 minutes late for my training (I overslept) and Ginny was punishing me?? :) Nah, it's good - I need it!! I'll tell ya what though, when I awoke this morning and looked at my watch, I realized that at that VERY moment (8am) I SHOULD have been on the treadmill doing my 5 minute warm-up. Oops. Sorry Ginny! Anyhoo, I am really a morning person and basically NEVER sleep in until 8am -- I wonder if my body knew it was a "ginny day" and it was trying to hide?!

Well, *huff puff* I made it through the workout *huff puff* and then headed on to Bible Study. We have a fabulous group of ladies in our study from all different backgrounds. (This particular group of ladies has been meeting for years!) Today marked week one in the 1st Thessalonian Precept Upon Precept (Kay Arthur) study.

After the study (we actually got done about an hour later than usual because - well, you know... we like to gab) we headed out to eat at a great little coffee shop. This shop serves tasty, HEALTHY food. I had a spinach and feta cheese quiche, a cup of chicken gumbo soup and some fresh fruit (orange slices, a pineapple slice and some grapes).

After lunch, we headed across the street to a 'new to us' scrapbook store. It was larger than the one I usually go to BUT not nearly as nice. I AM partial to MY LSS. Have I told you how much I love it?! Hey, Dana (the owner of MY lss) even mentioned me in her blog. How cool is that? :) Hi Dana and Carmen!

Ok, I finally made it home and am now working(except for these few minutes to write this). I guess I better work tonight to make up for today!!! You know.. I do love my job. I especially love the blogs that DK and I 'man'. DK does the writing... Oh, I'd give ANYTHING to be witty like her!!! She is SO funny. Her blog entries are a pleasure to read. They make me LOL a LOT. Her PERSONAL blog is listed on the sidebar (A Flyover Blog). Have a read!

Guess I better quit yacking and get back to work....
Have a grand Wednesday!!

PS. Yesterday was my MIL 90th birthday. I made her birthday card - I even got out the old sewing machine and zig-zagged on it. So darn cute!!

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