Monday, September 14, 2009

Today's Scarf - Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom

Today's scarf :) is being woven on my Cricket Loom. I am using the 10 dent heddle that I purchased this weekend. (The Cricket comes with an 8 dent heddle.) The scarf will be about 5 feet long and only 4 inches wide. I think it's gonna be a really pretty 'dressy' scarf. Hey, who knows.. I may just put some snazzy beads on the fringe!!

Anyhooo, I warped the loom with 100% mercerized cotton (50epi).

For the weft I'm using a really cool 100% rayon boucle yarn.

I LOVE the feel of this scarf. It is really a lot softer than it looks.
This is a GREAT, FAST way for me to use up STASH!!! Y'all oughta try it!!!

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