Friday, September 25, 2009

Finally.... a scarf woven with some of my handspun!

I bought this BEAUTIFUL hand-dyed Corriedale fiber from Caron at Freehaven Farm. I'll tell ya what...this fiber is RICH. I mean it... it is R.I.C.H. Love it, LOVE it!!

Anyway, I spun the yarn thick and thin so as to have lots of texture in my scarf.

I used my handspun as weft and Patton's Silk Bamboo for the warp.

I used my Cricket (8 dent heddle).

After weaving I gently washed the scarf in Eucalan and then put it out on the railing on my deck to dry. (I want it to dry quickly!)

PS. Do ya see my pup? She slept for about 20 minutes with her bone in her mouth. I have NEVER seen a dog sleep with her mouth half open and her bone hangin' out of it, have you?????

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