Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Baby Blanket on Flip Loom

I've started a baby blanket on my 20" Flip Loom.

The blanket measures about 17 inches wide and about 8 feet long. I'm gonna cut it in half when done and then sew the two halves together making the blanket about 34" wide and maybe about 34"long.

I THINK I may sew some silky blanket binding on it when totally done. My kids always loved that silky edging.

So anyway, who is the baby blanket for?? No one... it's just a generic baby blanket for someone someday.

Hey... That reminds me of an old jumprope rhyme we used to say:

Fudge, fudge,
Call the judge.
Momma had a new born baby.
It isn't a boy
It isn't a girl
It's just an ordinary baby.
Wrap it up in tissue paper
Send it down the elevator,
First floor STOP.
Second floor MISS.
Third floor TURN AROUND.
Fourth floor TOUCH THE GROUND.
Fifth floor SKEDADDLE.

What the heck did all that mean??? LOL.
Just an ordinary baby??? Ummm... do tell..

Ok, here is the blanket in the works... for that 'ordinary baby'....