Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat........

Well, Christmas IS coming so I'm starting my Christmas knitting etc.

I bought this Noro yarn from a LYS. NICE stuff... softer than most Noro. It is made of 40%cotton, 30%silk, 15%wool and 15%nylon.

I'm knitting my daughter a throw (that's what they call it) in the "Simply Noro" book.

I like how it's turning out and I'm HOPING dd will like it too. I'm just a tad worried about the colors. Oh well, I'm hoping she'll like it no matter what color because she can wrap up in it and it will be kinda like mom giving her a warm hug!!

So, here's the yarn....

And here's the knittin' thus far:

1 comment:

Ginger W said...

Really pretty yarn....if dd is like my dd then she will love it regardless of the colors. However, I love the colors that you have chosen!