Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Roving to Koolaid Dye Pot to Spinning Wheel then Plied

My first-ish attempt at Koolaid dyeing (continued from last week) - I'm pretty pleased with it.
I got the BFL roving from Miss Babs. I dyed the roving using yellow and orange koolaid.

Here is the plied yarn which was just removed from the niddy noddy. I will be setting the twist next.

I'm pleased with my first attempt. As you can see my yarn is still thick and thin but I can tell I'm getting better!!!

I love doing this -- all of it -- dyeing, carding, spinning, knitting!!

Oh, by the way, I'm ordering my drum carder today. I'm pretty excited! Yahooo!



Patti said...

lovely!! don't worry about the thick and thin.. if you want perfect yarn you can buy it from the LYS. Just keep doing your designer yarn! colors are lovely!

Lily said...

I can't wait to see it in person. Looks great!

Genuine said...

That yarn is totally pretty. It looks soft---I want to touch it!

Claudia said...

Very pretty! I am totally green over your drum carder!

fiberpharmer said...

you've got an eye- and 'the touch' - quite impressive ! bring it to spin meet so we can see, puhleeze?