Monday, May 26, 2008

Meet Rio

I spent another day at the farm working with fiber. I was carding my alpaca (Alice), and Rhonda and Caron were working on alpaca fiber too.

I got several bats done - thanks for letting me use your drum carder, Rhonda. :)

Sooooo while we were in the gazebo carding, Caron let Rio, a Double Yellow-Headed Amazon join us. This bird is such a HOOT. He can talk your ears off. OH, and sing!? You wouldn't believe this bird!! He can sing opera lol and he can sing "Old MacDonald". He can also impersonate various farm animals.

Thought I'd video tape him for you. He performed just like my children used to do when I wanted them to do something for an audience. Ha!!

Maybe next time he won't be so camera shy!

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