Sunday, May 11, 2008

On the Farm - Shearing Llamas

I had a really fun (and tiring) two days on Caron's farm for llama shearing. I don't know how Caron handles this farm ALL BY HERSELF!!
One very strong woman -- one BEAUTIFUL farm. Amazing!

I need to get the total number of animals that Caron has on her farm so you will better understand what her workday must be like. I know she has 3 full-sized horses and a ton of really cool chickens. I never knew there could be that many varieties of chickens! She has some real "lookers"!! Oh, and the eggs these gals layed/laid?....OMG... all I can say is that when we looked under one hen it looked like a human had dyed Easter eggs and put them under her. I need to get a photo of that to show you. You just won't believe it!!!

Ok, well, let me step back for a moment and tell you how day ONE began.

As I drove down the long tree-lined lane to Caron's place a sense of peace and calm came upon me. I felt like I was on the path to my wonderland. As I slowly drove by the first pasture on the left, I was greeted by a male llama. He seemed to enjoy running along beside the car! (The llamas actually do the most cool gallop-ish looking thing. I took a video of it but the video just doesn't do it justice.) These guys look sooo graceful when they run. They sort of look like they're in slow motion. And the way they move those long necks... well, you just HAVE to see it sometime!

So, anyway, here are some videos that were taken over the two day period. During this time, we sheared 5 llamas. Most of the llamas were very well behaved and seemed quite happy with their new hairdos....except the last girl who we called momma (because she is the momma to the second to the last llama sheared). Momma was being a PAIN IN THE RUMP! She spit a few times... got Caron and Lisa. (I took off running whenever I saw her ears go back and that 'look' in her eyes. LOL. P-U... STINKY!

"Momma" and "baby" getting ready for their new 'dos'. ('Momma' is the llama with the white neck.)

Anyway, here are some videos of the shearing.
Enjoy! I sure did!

Video below shows Caron blowing the dust off "momma". Blowing the dust off really helps to save the blades a bit on the shears.

In the next video you'll be introduced to 'baby'.

A few cooperative 'baby' videos. And then...... a NONCOOPERATIVE 'momma'.

'Baby' gets a PEDICURE!

MOMMA is NOT a happy girl. Caron said she is usually so easy to shear and is not sure why she is being so 'witchy'. ;)

Free at Last!! This video shows the llamas running to meet up with 'momma' again.
I wish the video showed the gallop more clearly.

That's it for today!! Tune in to my next post to see what happens next to the fiber!

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