Friday, May 16, 2008

Koolaid Dye Job

Well, I tried Koolaid for the first time the other day. It turned out ok.
The flavors used were Grape, Black Cherry and Tropical Punch.

Here are the results. (I probably wouldn't have posted this online but my knitting/spinning/kayaking buddy, Caron, asked me to do so. So, Caron -- enjoy my first attempt!)

I did a few things incorrectly when spinning/plying this yarn (I think) like whacking the heck outta the freshly dyed yarn before plying it. Also, as you can see, my spinning is still in the beginner stage (notice the very thin and very thick areas). Not to worry though... practice makes better!!

I used a technique that I saw online when winding this ball of yarn. It is wound onto a toilet paper tube -- pretty cool idea because you can add notes about the fiber and dyes used right on the TP tube AND the tube keeps the ball from falling in on itself.

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Lily said...

It is a requirement to publish pics of your handspun =-)