Wednesday, July 1, 2009

DVD Instructional Video - Using a McMorran Balance

Ok, I gotta tell ya... I LOVE this tool and I betcha all of you spinners/weavers/knitters/crocheters out there will too!!


Have you ever been spinning yarn on either a spindle or a spinning wheel and wondered how much yarn you had spun OR if you had spun enough for a particular pattern or project?

Well, you could wind your yarn off the spindle or bobbin onto a niddy-noddy or skein winder BUT you could also use a McMorran Balance!! If you use a McMorran Balance you would know immediately (well, almost!) how many yards you'd spun without winding off! You would know if you needed to keep spinning because you didn't have enough yarn by simply measuring a length of yarn on the McMorran balance!


Do you have leftover balls of yarn and wonder if there is enough in the ball for a certain project? The McMorran Balance helps you know this info in a skinny minute!

Have you seen a pattern on Ravelry that you have the 'perfect' yarn for but aren't sure you have enough yarn on the label-less ball of wool? Use the McMorran Balance! :)


This DVD shows (and leads you through) a hands-on lesson measuring yarn yardage using the McMorran balance.
The DVD also shows how to use a niddy-noddy and a skein winder.

McMorran Balance Kit includes:
A McMorran Balance
Yarn samples to use as you watch the DVD
A handy card with printed directions

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Silver said...

Speaking of videos ... Have you made a "warping your Cricket loom" part two that no one can find, or is it still in the works? The first one was really useful, but we're all still hanging! ;)