Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Clemes and Clemes, Veggies and Knitting

Soooo sad... I got a new (to me) Clemes and Clemes Traditional Spinning wheel yesterday. It was shipped via Postal Service. Luckily the shipper had insurance on the package because, here's what the flyer came looking like:

I've filled out the claim form for the Post Office. Wonder how long this will take???!

On a happier note, look what's for lunch today....
Yep, some more veggies from MY first EVER garden... can you believe it? The stuff is actually growing! I am not having a whole lotta luck with my peppers yet though. **Crosses fingers **

On the knitting front, I have been knitting some of my handspun using this pattern (from video I found on YouTube). I am not sure I'm gonna like it though.. .it is soooo loose. The directions say to knit two rows in between the YO rows. I have been knitting SIX to try to give the scarf a bit more substance.


Anonymous said...

hi Pattianne, its peggyann. I had to file a claim a couple months ago and I got a check in about a week. I had to do it on-line.

my SIL spins and weaves, and she has a friend here locally that makes spinning wheels. They are beautiful.

DK said...

Look at your beautiful veggies! Woo hoo! You're practically a farmer, girl! As for me, I actually scrambled an egg last night - store bought, but the package said it came from a happy chicken. I feel so domestic!
Happy weekend -