Wednesday, June 24, 2009

OK, I'm excited.... DVDs in mail TODAY!

The first DVD sets of "Spinning with PattyAnne" are shipping TODAY (6/24) -- almost a week ahead of schedule! Oh, did you hear??? There are TWO dvds in each set! Soo much fibery goodness!!

Oh, hey, you first spinners to get the DVD set....please LMK if the roving I use as packing material is useful. I'm hoping y'all will be able to use it for some practice!

I hope everyone enjoys and learns a little something from the DVDs. I sure loved sharing what I know on them!

I would love your feedback on Ravelry and Etsy if you've got a minute!

Psssttt... do you listen to podcasts? Tune in to the barknknit podcast. Natalie is going to review "Spinning with PattyAnne". Thanks Natalie!!

1 comment:

Gnat said...

Your very welcome! I can't wait to see the DVD!