Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fiber Studio

This sweeeeet studio just makes me say....ahhhhhhhh.........

C'mon in.

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Debbie said...

Hi Patty;
I love the new studio. I was looking at the Golding spindles online and there are different sizes. I was wonderin what size you and Caron have. Thanks for your help.
Debi from yes yarn

PattyAnne said...

Hi Debbie!

Thanks for the comment on the studio! We love it.

As for the spindles, I use the tsunami as seen here:

Caron has the Celtic Knot one show here as well but I am not sure if that is the one she had with her yesterday.

Hope this helps!
(I'll ask Caron the weight of the one she had with her.)


freehavenfarm said...

Hey Debi-

I'm very pleased w/ my Golding spindles - they go on and on and on and ... :-)

the weights of the two I spin w/ most are 1.9 oz and 2.0 oz - one has a 2 1/2" circumf, the other 3" - I can make a very small diam yarn up to ~ worsted weight+ w/ either

I also have a .9 oz spindle w/ perimeter weighting - find I can spin almost as small a yarn on my other 2 and they hold more, so use them more often

Anonymous said...

Lovely, what fun, makes me want to learn too. My SIL has a loom and spinning wheel.

keep us posted on your projects. I'll be thinking a name for Fluffy.

PattyAnne said...

Hey Colourdujour!

Yep, spinning is such fun. I've discovered that I especially like to weave my handspun!

Still trying to decide a name for my little guy. Right now we just call him bunnr (it was a typo I sent to my sister - I meant to type, "Look at my new little bunny").