Friday, March 20, 2009

Have you always wanted to learn to spin??

Caron and I are starting a beginner's spinning class in Simpsonville, SC (tentatively scheduled to begin next week on Tues and Thurs nights from 6pm until 8pm).

Our classes roughly follow Judith MacKenzie McCuin's book, "Teach Yourself Visually Handspinning". In class we'll begin by looking at (and fondling!) all kinds of fiber. Then each student will prep fiber with hand cards and/or a drumcarder and then spin the newly prepared fiber on a drop spindle. (Starting on a drop spindle is a GREAT way to learn about drafting fiber and the drafting zone!). Next, on to the spinning wheel! You will be making yarn in no time!!

Our classes are now being held in our new 'studio' at in Simpsonville.

Join us! You'll have a blast!


PS. If you want more info or want to sign up, email us at

freehavenfarm (at) mac (dot) com

or call 864 862-4802

(If Caron is out tending to critters, mending fences and/or doing other 'farmer' stuff and you get 'the machine' please leave a message!)


Fiber Deviant said...

oh... i definitely would love to take one of your classes... i just cant swing it this go 'round...

will y'all be offering this class again?

and if so, are you familiar with kick spindles ... i recently acquired one but just havent gotten around to trying to figure it all out yet.

also... is your invite to meet with your group on mon nights(?) still open?

PattyAnne said...

Hi Fiber Deviant,

Yes, the invite is still open!!
Join us!

Yep, we will be offering the class again. :)

LMK what dates/times would be good for you! We can customize the class but do believe this class series is the BEST for beginning spinners.


Trish said...

I can't make it this time either, but I am very interested