Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Some new 'fellas' have been added to the farm!

On Saturday, Caron and I went up to NC to pick up some BEAUTIFUL angora goats.
Meet Nep and Noil (spinning/fiber terms). I haveta admit that sometimes I call the one Daryl the other one his brother, Daryl. Why you ask? Well, I guess the Yankee in me just cain't say Noil right.. to me Noil rhymes with OIL and where I come from, OIL has two syllables OYE ILL. So I call the fella NOY ILL which isn't quite right. Guess it should sound like Noll. Anyhoo... I was trying so hard to say his name right that I must have really contorted my mouth... Caron was ROFLOL. Humph. :)

So anyway, here they are!! Nep is the darker one and DARYL is the other. GREAT fiber pets!!

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