Tuesday, April 7, 2009

aNOTHER new fiber addition

Well, it was back up to NC (Perfect Spot Farm) on Monday (4/6/09) to pick up this little fellow and a 'relative?" of his.

This little guy was one of a set of triplets born on 4/5/09. His mom accepted and fed his sister and brother but would have nothing to do with him. We were told he would need to be bottle fed 'round the clock if he were going to survive. (He was less than 24 hours old when we got him and would need to be monitored REALLY closely during his first 48hours.

He spent the 1 1/2 hour drive home from Forest City NC area in my lap very quietly sleeping -- occasionally alert but mostly snoozing. What a good little fella!

Here's a shot of Caron holding him AND driving!

.... don't tell anyone but we snuck?? him into our knit group at Starbucks. Latte on the hoof anyone?? Anyhoo....everyone LOVED him.

His 'relative' on the other hand (3 month old male just weaned that day) 'hollered' the whole way home LOUDLY!! BBBBAAAAAAAAA. BBBAAAAAAAAAA He didn't quit crying when we got him back to the farm either.. Needless to say, the little guy was hoarse by the end of the evening.

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wileybunch said...

How precious! I love that you took him into Starbucks! :) He's fortunate to have you!