Sunday, February 22, 2009

How to warp a rigid heddle loom

Ok, I'm certainly NO expert... afterall, I've only had my loom about a week!! But, you know me... l guess I just love making videos. There are a few "flaws" in this one. I'm trying to add mor annotations but youtube isn't cooperating!

Well, here it is..... :) Hope it helps!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting your video. It really helps us newbies!

Anonymous said...

Kewl Beans! I've learned a new way to tie on the end of - or maybe I've learned the *right* way to tie on - the warp.

I go ahead and wind my warp up to the 10 inches fom the end though, before I start threading the heddle holes, makes for less yarn to pull through, and less (rubbing) stress on the yarn.

Nice work on the video!

PattyAnne said...

Thanks for the comments!

You're right Kewl Beans... I also wind mine up first before starting to thread the yarn through the heddle holes! I think when I was videoing I got a little nervous. (Luckily I was able to add the text box to mention winding up the warp at the proper time.)

Anyhoo.. Thanks for helping to make that clearer for everyone!!!

Jan said...

I just got an Emilia rigid heddle and made my first scarf with the help of your video! Thank you!
Jan in Prescott, AZ