Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My very FIRST sock is DONE!

I am so pleased that I have finished sock #1. Yahoooo!!
I sure have learned a lot of what NOT to do on sock #2. This first sock is "wearable" BUT I won't be dragging it outta my bag at the knitting meet to show anyone else up close LOL. I had to fudge a LOT to get this baby done. You should see (ahhhh, no, you shouldn't see LOL) the way I did my kitchener stitch. I think it should be called a pattyachener stitch (PattyAnne and kitchener stitch combo!).

Well, here it is. BTW, I just cast on sock #2. I can't wait to get started.



Anonymous said...

great colors...beside you probably cant see the boo-boos when they are on your feet anyway!

fiberpharmer said...

congrats - you should wear those stripes proudly !! doesn't it make your toes happy to 'curl in the purls' on the inside of that sock ??
ah, yes ... happy feet !! :- )

now you're gonna be addicted to socks - just you wait and see

re: inside out .. I STILL haven't figured out how you can knit on the back needle without having the purl side out ... and yes, the kitchener stitch can be modified to your own liking - if ya like it, and your toes don't poke thru, you're good to go/toe :-)

now get that 2nd one done and show 'em off !! : - ) great job, P !

Lily said...

Looks perfectly fine. Think of the booboos as personal design features. And it definitely isn't a mistake if you can duplicate it on the second sock =-)

And yes, I know how you made the purls on the wrong side =-) It can be done.

Catch you this Sunday!

Lisa said...

Great job Patty! You should still show it off. You should have seen my first sock. I did the entire foot inside out, but it became a design feature when I duplicated it on the 2nd sock...lol

Have a great day!
P.S. Are you spinning on Sunday?