Saturday, June 7, 2008

I WAS Discouraged

I'm knitting my second sock and I have made a mistake. I tried to fix it then dropped some stitches etc. etc. etc. I have frogged several rows and still cannot get the dang loops back on my needles. Whenever I put a loop on my needle - ever so gently - another loop gets sucked into a black hole. I carefully rescue that loop with my crochet hook only to have the next loop fall into the black hole.

Do I sound like I'm whining?? I AM.

I need Thorn!!! She rescued me last time. I was just about to frog a project because of that stinkin' black hole effect when Thorn yelled (ever so sweetly) D.O.N.'T. I can help! I can fix that!! Thorn.....where are you???? My fingers are just itchin' to frog these 8 inches of sock.... well, the sock is probably 3 inches now.....

UPDATE!!!! I was sitting in the living room knitting a bit of my orange handspun/dyed when my DH came in and asked where my sock was that I was working on?? He really thinks these socks are cool and can't wait until I'm able to knit him a pair! Anyway, I told him about my disaster with those dang socks and guess what???? HE FIXED them!!! I guess his old fly-tying skills came in handy once again!! I still cannot believe he did it!
Thanks snookums. ;) Mmmwwahhhhh!

See...the needles are back in the loops. Oh, one of his tricks was that he used tooth picks to hold the loops from being sucked into the black hole. YEAH!


Lily said...

We'll have to teach you the difference between frogging and tinking & when to use each. That will save you from toothpicks & the black hole. Get with me or Caron on Monday =-)

Anonymous said...

Hurrah for hubbys that fix things.