Sunday, October 18, 2009

Don't Stop Believing!

I am a former middle school science teacher (both 5th and 6th grades) and have always believed that getting the kids involved in something that they LOVED meant all the difference in their lives....

The theme song I used in my classes year after year after year was "Lean on Me". Basically I used the song to help kids learn to respect and accept one another. (I had no tolerance for belittling or bullying!) Everyday, at some point, we would crank up the tape player LOL and would all belt out the lyrics to our theme song because, after all, we ALL need someone to lean on!!

Anyway, here is a video that I came across on YouTube.

The teacher from the videos below says:
"I work with the PS22 chorus, an incredible bunch of NYC public school 5th graders in Staten Island! The chorus has performed all over New York, and have gained quite a following on the internet.

The PS22 Chorus was formed in the year 2000. We are an ever-changing group of 5th graders from a public elementary school in Staten Island, New York. We are NOT a school for the arts or a magnet program."

Kudos to this teacher!!!

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