Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Libby and Butterflies


My little darlin' Libby still has me hoppin'. Today was a bad potty day - she had SEVERAL accidents in the house. Well, tomorrow is another day....

On a happy note, she has about 'mastered' the "sit" command and the "down" command (as in lie down).

Soo anyway, one of the times I took her out today I spied this in my backyard. There are 6 swallowtail butterfly larvae on my dill weed plant. When I was teaching we used to raise these "critters" along with Painted Lady Butterflies. FUN stuff. (Be sure to click on the images for larger versions!)

Tomorrow (i hope) I will be posting some GORGEOUS BFL roving that I dyed. Sooo pretty. I can't wait to begin spinning it!!

Until next time,


happytrails said...

AWW, little Libby is so cute! Makes me miss having a puppy -- except for the potty training part.
Hope Libby is more enlightened than my Daisy and manages to stay away from porcupines and other forms of trouble.

Anonymous said...

LOL kittens are much easier, you just have to show them the box!

Come visit and see what I've been doing!, beside I've got a contest going on.

PS can you explain roving?